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Nikki Minty

Born in Queensland, Australia, 1984, Nikki Minty rose into this world with a wild imagination. As a young girl, she would lay in bed with her family of a night, co-telling stories about the big bad wolf and his turbulent adventures. Now residing in the suburbs of Sydney with two children of her own, Nikki has taken her storytelling to a whole new level by writing the novel, A stranger’s eyes, which is book number one of an upcoming series. Fascinated by witchcraft and the supernatural, Nikki’s style of writing incorporates an even balance of magic and realism. Each chapter of her book, A stranger’s eyes, is sprinkled with a hint of magic yet blended into a realistic setting, allowing the ‘real’ and ‘supernatural’ to be accepted in the same stream of thought. When she’s not busy writing, or working as a vet nurse at the greyhound track, Nikki loves to pull out her pencils and paintbrushes. Her house is filled with many of her wacky artworks, and not to mention, a vast collection of Monster High dolls.