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Mary Norton: Soldier Girl by D. Lawrence-Young

Mary Norton: Soldier Girl by D. Lawrence-Young
Mary Norton: Soldier Girl by D. Lawrence-Young

The following is a guest post by D. Lawrence-Young, author of Mary Norton: Soldier Girl. If you would like to write a guest post on my blog, please send me an e-mail at

About the Book

Mary Norton is a 17th-century young woman who runs away from home in Bristol to escape from her violent and abusive father. Uneducated and unwilling to become just another servant or someone’s whore she joins the army as England’s Civil War begins. Surviving rape and torture, unwilling to return home, she becomes a turncoat and starts working for the enemy, the Parliamentary/Roundhead side, living a life of intrigue and danger.

About the Author

D. Lawrence-Young has been teaching and lecturing on drama, history and English for many years. He is happiest when researching Shakespeare, English and military history. He has written Communication in English, a best-selling English-language textbook as well as a dozen other historical novels. These include three based on the life of Shakespeare.

He contributes regularly to Forum, a magazine for English language teachers and has also written several articles for Skirmish, a military history journal. He is a member of the local history club and is the Chairman of the Jerusalem Shakespeare Society. He is also a published (USA) and exhibited (UK and Jerusalem) photographer. He plays the clarinet (badly) and is married and has three children.

More about the author and his work: D. Lawrence-Young’s Website.

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