Did you know that William Shakespeare…

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

… committed tax fraud, and he was charged in 1598  with hoarding grain in order to resell it during food shortages?

Other fun facts about the author:

  • He was an astute real-estate investor. In fact, most of his income came from the renting of his properties.
  • His wife’s name was Anne Hathaway, like the actress in Les Misérables.  He was 18 when they married, and she was 26 and pregnant with their first child.
  • Because Shakespeare was from a humble family, there has been speculation that he is not the author of his works. His father was a leather merchant, and Shakespeare had to leave school at 13 to help his father.

Written by Cecile

Cécile Sune was born in Lyon, France, and her obsession with books started when she was 14. Her grandparents had lent her Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, and she spent part of the summer indoors reading. Needless to say, her tan didn't really improve that year! It was also around that time that Cécile fell in love with the English language. Several years later, in 1999, Cécile moved to Toronto, Canada, with her cat and 5 suitcases. Her love of reading greatly increased when she discovered that English books were much cheaper than French novels. In 2013, she decided to start a blog to share her passion. Cécile now lives in Ottawa, Canada, with her husband and their daughter, and works as a freelance translator (CS Revision).


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