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Character Interview With Ash From Reyna Hawk’s Angels & Arrows

Angels & Arrows by Reyna Hawk
Angels & Arrows by Reyna Hawk

The following is a guest post by Reyna Hawk, author of  Angels & Arrows. If you would like to write a guest post on my blog, please send me an e-mail at

I decided to do the interview at AlMa’s diner considering that it is such a crucial setting for Angels & Arrows. I ordered up a cup of coffee and waited for the very handsome Ash to arrive to the interview. As soon as he entered the diner, I knew it was him. Ash waltzed in looking as fine as always flashing his beautiful smile then ordered a cup of coffee and joined me at the table.

Hi Ash, I am so glad you could join me today.

“Thank you, I’m not sure why you feel this will make a good interview, but after what I have been through I’m game for anything.” Ash smiled, adding sugar and cream to a cup of hot coffee.

Well, I think a great deal of people have similar questions or thoughts, so let’s jump right into it.

  • First, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“Well, I’m not quite sure what to tell you. I’m just a normal guy making a living in construction. My name is Ash and I am a full-blooded Cherokee, living on the reservation in North Carolina. I consider myself average looking and living an average life. I don’t see myself as special in any way what so ever.”

  • Well, you may consider yourself average, but I have to say you are fine. Anyway, how did you and Maria meet?

Ash couldn’t help from laughing at my comment then added, “Why thank you. Well, our first meeting was when I visited the diner here. Although, I don’t much remember that meeting. It all still feels like a dream or like a distant memory of déjà vu.”

  • So tell the readers what you first thought of Maria?

“I thought she was cute and thought it’d be nice to take her out on a date. At that first meeting, I didn’t know everything that was going on with her. It was somewhat strange because I felt this overwhelming pull toward her and the diner, but I didn’t know why. I really thought I was losing my mind.”

  • I know myself well enough to know that I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend exactly what was being asked of me. Therefore, what were your thoughts when you first learned that an angel was using your body and mind as a vessel to communicate with Maria?

Ash chuckled at this question shaking his head as he said, “I honestly didn’t know what to think at first. It was like a dream or something out of the movies. However, once I visited the medicine man and realized that these things were in fact happening then all the missing time I was having was explained. I was nervous and just didn’t want to mess anything up.”

  • We’ve all had moments of praying or talking to a higher being. However, to actually stand face to face with an angel had to be scary and awe-inspiring. What were your thoughts on Arrow the first time you actually talked to him?

Once again, Ash chuckled in almost disbelief, “Considering I thought in the beginning it was a dream or a hallucination, I didn’t know what to think. However, once I realized I wasn’t seeing things and this was actually happening I had mixed feelings. I wasn’t sure why he chose me; I mean I am no one special.”

  • In some ways, it must have been an honor but truly scary in others. Why were you chosen, did Arrow ever tell you that?

“Well, he didn’t come right out and say this is why I chose you. However, my understanding is that he picked someone that closely resembled him, had the same beliefs as him and Maria, and that would be able to handle all that was about to come down.”

  • There are some really scary and intense moments, how were you able to hold it all together throughout all the scariness that seemed to begin almost as soon as you met Maria?

Ash exhaled heavily as if to clear his mind and gather the courage to speak. “Oh, I definitely had my moments when I just had a hard time dealing with it. I won’t lie; it was pretty scary and frustrating at times because I felt helpless. However, Maria needed me and I had to dig way down deep in order to keep my composure and faith.”

  • We all have moments of thinking back on a particular time and think of how we would do things differently. So, if you knew from the beginning everything that was about to happen, would you still have pursued Maria as you did? Why?

A huge smile comes across Ash’s face as he answers without a second thought, “Yes, without a doubt. In everything that has happened, I have learned a lot about myself and gained a deeper understanding of religion and the spiritual world that I never even gave a second thought to before all this. They say hindsight is 20/20, but even though it may be, I still wouldn’t change a thing. I believe everything happens for a reason and in the time, it is supposed to.”

  • Ok, so for all the single ladies out there dying to know the answer to this… where do you and Maria stand right now?

This one question caused a small blush to come to Ash’s flawless face, “Well we are taking it one day at a time and not rushing anything. And in case you were wondering, yes I did just completely glaze over that question and not really answer it.“

  • One last question, which is the one I am sure is on everyone’s mind…. has Maria had any more problems with the demon that was haunting her?

Ash’s expression suddenly turned to one of sadness and concern, “Well things have for the most part been normal. However, there are still many occurrences that have to be dealt with and that are quite disturbing. I won’t elaborate on them, I’ll just say that we deal with them as they come up and move on. One thing Maria and I have learned is that if we dwell on them and try to keep them a secret, they fester and grow into something so horrendous and horrifying that no one wants to confront.

Well, I want to thank you Ash for taking this time to answer my questions and wish you and Maria a great deal of luck in the future.

“Thank you for having me, and yes we can use all the prayers we can get.” He winked then methodically waltzed out of the diner.


Reyna Hawk
Reyna Hawk

About the Book

Maria Ridge was born having gifts that allowed her to see and speak to the spirit world. As she aged these gifts became more of a curse than a blessing. At 18 she escaped the taunting from not only the town but also from her family to embark on a journey that leads her to discover others like herself, secrets to her past, and the reality of her gifts. With the help of her new friend, Allie, Maria feels she finally found her place in this world. The destined meeting of Ash awakens the two girls to the fine veil between this world and the next. Can Maria survive the haunting evil that threatens her? This book is based on true paranormal events that are due to personal experiences or eyewitness accounts. The names of people and places have been changed strictly to enhance the story line.