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10 Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

The holidays are fast approaching, so I thought I would share with you 10 great gift ideas for book lovers. It’s always hard finding original ideas that will make your loved ones happy. I did a little bit of browsing around the web, and here are the results of my search for the perfect gift…

1 – Lumos Nox Light Switch Decal

Lumos Nox Light Switch Decal
For Harry Potter Fans

2 – Aquala Bathtub Caddy

Aquala Bathtub Caddy
The Perfect Combination

3 – Zipper Bookmarks

Zipper Bookmarks
A Fun Way to Mark Your Page

4 – Book Lover Art Print

Book Lover Art Print
Because You Want Pretty Walls

5 – Matchboxes

Useful and Clever

6 – Metal Bookends

Metal Bookends
Beautiful Bookends

7 – 3000 Classic Books USB Card

3000 Classic Books USB Card
To Brush Up on the Classics

8 – Text Print Tights

Text Print Tights
Fashionable and Cool

9 – Book End Table

Book End Table
Perfect For Your Cup of Tea

10 – Tissue Box

Tissue Box
Emotions Run High When Reading

What do you think of these gifts? Are you going to buy one for a family member, a friend or, better yet, for yourself?